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Okie Doki Loki, figured I'd just get this started up.

I am going to open up my commission slots again, two to start with. If you're interested in a commission send me a note stating what it is you'd like. Last time was based on a first come first serve basis and that still is a big determination factor however, I will not choose solely off that. I will now also factor in my interest of the requested commission based on it's originality and overall idea. Don't let that be discouraging though, as after the first two commissions are done (implying my work is of interest to enough people to warrant even two commissions) I will open up another two slots. 

So as for what I do:

A full piece with a detailed character or characters and a detailed background. (This can be of original characters or characters from the show)
The starting price will range from $35-$50 depending on details such as : armor/complicated clothing, objects in foreground or/and background. Also $5 per additional detailed character.

Character drawings that show off a character or characters. Starting price range is $8-$10 for one character. Additional $2 charge for a simple backdrop, $3 charge for each additional character.

I take payment with Paypal only, half upfront, half after completion. I will give the Paypal information when I start the commission.

I know that these prices are an increase from before, however last time I spent much more time than I had originally planned on for most pieces and I guarantee that I will take all the time needed to bring your image to your satisfaction. I give updates on the artwork during it's process and will show the progress if asked to do so. 

If you have any questions or queries about the commissions or even anything, feel free to ask away and I will respond as soon as I can; thanks for stopping by.

Rawring-Rainbows Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Dang i wish i could afford your commisions! i love your art style ><
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Submitted on
January 21, 2014